With many years of experience  we at A1 Tyre Services Scarborough can help by wheel repairing, wheel straightening and alloy wheel straightening. No matter the damage – we can help you.

For just a fraction of the cost you can have your vehicles alloy wheels straightening at our garage in Scarborough.

Also, if you have a lease car, this is a brilliant option for the damage to the wheels due to hitting a pot hole or kerbing.

Once we have fixed your alloy wheels and straightened them, we recommend that our team installs a brilliant product called ‘AlloyGator’.

‘AlloyGator’ is a product that is fitted to the rim of your alloys that help to protect your alloys. This product is available in a range of colours such as: Silver/Black/Gun Metal/Red/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Green/Orange/White

Proudly, we are the regions ‘AlloyGator’ Approved Fitters that are local to you. Have the product fitted professionally by us and prevent future damage to your alloy wheels.