Servicing In Scarborough

It is recommended that you service your car every year in order to maintain the performance and life span of the vehicle. Here at A1 Tyres & Autocentres offer 3 different servicing in Scarborough options. Our options are:

  • Bronze servicing in Scarborough
  • Silver servicing in Scarborough
  • Gold servicing in Scarborough

Our Bronze service includes a 20 point check of your vehicle which consists of a horn check, lubricate the terminals, oil refill and much more.

The next servicing in Scarborough option above that is our Silver service. This is a 35 point check of your car or van and consists of all of the Bronze service with added pollen filter replacement, vacuum pipes checked, fuel cap check and a lot more.

Finally, our Gold car or van service is a 50 point check of the vehicle. Our Gold service includes all of the Bronze and Silver with much more added on to it like a full strip clean and adjust of the brakes, throttle body check and more.

Fore more information on our servicing in Scarborough options, please contact us or compare the 3 options here. 

Servicing in Scarborough