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25th January 2021
Scarborough Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

Keep Your Vehicles Serviced During Lockdown

During lockdown periods, many drivers have drastically reduced the use of their vehicles. It’s important to remember that cars and vans may actually need more maintenance when infrequently used.
18th January 2021
Winter Driving Tips In Scarborough

Winter Driving in Scarborough – Top Tips

Although the weather might seem relatively mild for us at the moment, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security! Snowy weather could be just around the corner, and icy mornings or evenings are still very much part of the season.
6th November 2017
Affordable Winter Tyres in Scarborough

Affordable Winter Tyres in Scarborough

Now that the cold weather is here and the Winter months are upon us, it may be time to consider switching your current tyres for Winter tyres in Scarborough. Not sure on what the difference between regular tyres and Winter tyres are? Keep reading.
11th October 2017
car battery in Scarborough

Car Battery in Scarborough

Found yourself turning the key on and on in hopes that your car will somehow start? Maybe it's time to admit you have a flat battery and need a new one. Lucky for you, you can get a brand new car battery in Scarborough supplied and fitted from us at A1 Tyres & Autocentres.
3rd August 2017
Wheel Balance in Scarborough

Wheel Balance in Scarborough

Do you need a wheel balance in Scarborough? Well if you have recently had a brand new tyre fitted then you may need to consider it. What you may not know is that when you have a new tyre fitted, by default the garage should balance the wheel properly after the new tyre has been fitted, but to save time/cost some garages cut corners and leave you with an unbalanced tyre.
9th March 2017
Car Repair

Vehicle Repairs in Scarborough

Have you noticed a difference in  your vehicle? Whether it be performance, braking, accelerating or other? You may have a problem with your vehicle that if […]
10th October 2016
Bronze Car Service

Car Servicing in Scarborough

Our car servicing in Scarborough is a series of maintenance checks that we carry out on your vehicle. These checks help to prolong the life and performance of your car as well as helping to outline any issues that have or may arise with your car. Keeping records of your interval car servicing helps to add value to your car also.
12th December 2015
A1 Tyre Services Logo

Opening January 2016

We are pleased to announce that we are opening to the general public in 2016! We will be your first port of call if a problem arises with your vehicle in Scarborough.