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5th March 2018
New Tyres in Scarborough

Tyre Puncture Repair In Scarborough

Found yourself on the side road with a punctured tyre or woke up to find you can a tyre puncture in Scarborough? No problem - just simply contact us and take advantage of our tyre puncture repair in Scarborough service. Driving with a flat tyre can become very dangers and is a big risk to take. With safety being both yours and our top priority, our tyre puncture repair in Scarborough services means we can head out to your location and repair the puncture tyre for you quickly and easily. If you need a call out for a flat tyre in Scarborough, please call us and someone from our team will be with you in no time!
11th October 2017
car battery in Scarborough

Car Battery in Scarborough

Found yourself turning the key on and on in hopes that your car will somehow start? Maybe it's time to admit you have a flat battery and need a new one. Lucky for you, you can get a brand new car battery in Scarborough supplied and fitted from us at A1 Tyres & Autocentres.
25th September 2017
Exhaust Repair in Scarborough

Exhaust Repair in Scarborough

Are you in search for a high quality exhaust repair in Scarborough? Well you have come to right place here at A1 Tyres & Autocentres in Scarborough.
18th July 2017
Engine Repair in Scarborough

Engine Repair in Scarborough

We here at A1 Tyres & Autocentres in Scarborough offer our customer a cost effective engine repair in Scarborough.
9th March 2017
Car Repair

Vehicle Repairs in Scarborough

Have you noticed a difference in  your vehicle? Whether it be performance, braking, accelerating or other? You may have a problem with your vehicle that if […]
22nd September 2016
Parts & Servicing In Scarborough

Vehicle Repair in Scarborough

Have you noticed a difference in the performance of your vehicle? Instead of leaving it to get worse, bring it in to our garage for a vehicle repair in Scarborough.