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Affordable Winter Tyres in Scarborough

Affordable Winter Tyres in Scarborough

Now that the cold weather is here and the Winter months are upon us, it may be time to consider switching your current tyres for Winter tyres in Scarborough. Not sure on what the difference between regular tyres and Winter tyres are? Keep reading.

Compared to regular tyres, Winter tyres have different rubber compounds which keep soft under low temperature conditions. The main difference between the two tyres is the tread depth. A Winter tyre usually has a tread depth between 8 and 9mm, whereas a regular tyre is around 7 to 8mm. The grooves within the Winter tyre are more wide and deeper, which creates a larger channel for snow, water and ice to travel through – meaning improved grip on the road.

Driving in icy, snowy and wet conditions can sometimes carry a certain risk element, especially skidding. Your car tyres are the only part that physically touch the ground and are a key factor in the safety of yourself and you car. By using Winter tyres you have a more improved grip on the road and the chances of skidding are less. 

We at A1 Tyres & Autocentres in Scarborough are able to supply and fit Winter tyres for you in no time, at an affordable price too. Get more information by popping in our depot or call us and someone from the team can help!